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(6 Entries in total )

#6   Sheila HandleyeMail13.06.2006 - 10:09
Well done on the website - will put your link on some of the websites I do - I think all the pro players should have such a site. Again, well done!!

#5   RustyeMail02.06.2006 - 05:01
Hello Dave Boy Mate,
Just checking things out, mate great site, who\s that ugly fella on the left?? haha

#4   Andy CeMail31.05.2006 - 22:56
Hi mate, long time no see.Nice to see your doing someting with your life.Would love to here from you.
Nice little site you got here

#3   ShellHomepage03.05.2006 - 01:32
Great looking site!

Shell x

#2   andy king (m4ckem)eMail29.04.2006 - 19:04
Good job on the site Davey.. crackin intro

#1   Michael o\donoghueeMailHomepage27.04.2006 - 11:28
Ez dave its mouse
site looking ok ;.)
see you on wednesday if not b4.

(6 Entries in total )

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